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To install Redis in your Ubuntu Pc you need do this simple steps:

  • 1. Clone the redis repo:

    $ git clone

  • 2. Enter in the project folder:

    $ cd redis-installer/

  • 3. Select the version that you want and install this:

    $ ./bin/install-redis --version 2.0.0-rc1

    Now redis is installed in your PC, but you need know how start and stop that, do the following:

  • 4.Create a file to start redis:

    $ touch ~/bin/start-redis

    Then put this command into the file:

    #! /bin/sh
    ~/bin/redis-server ~/.redis/config/redis.conf

    Now when you want to start redis, only need to run this command in console:
    sh ~/bin/start-redis

  • 5. Create a file to Stop redis:

    $ touch ~/bin/stop-redis

    Put this content into the file:

    #! /bin/sh
    ~/bin/redis-cli SHUTDOWN

    From now, when you want stop redis, you only need run this command in console:
    sh ~/bin/stop-redis

  • And that is all!

    Note: I did this steps on ubuntu 10.04 without any problems



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  • eugeniach: Here are some references to made a report with git log
  • hrbg: This is so useful, I'm going to use it every day!!